Project Ev 7.3kW Pro Earth Wall AC Charger

Project Ev 7.3kW Pro Earth Wall AC Charger

From £1,242.00

The EVA-07S-SE and EVA-07S-SE-C is a single-phase, fast AC electric vehicle charger, that comes with built-in Pro Earth protection, meaning the charger does not require the addition of a costly earth spike installation. Our 7.3kW pro earth charging unit comes packed with features as well as a market-leading five-year warranty. Complete with a compact sleek design and solar compatibility; this charger also has time-shifting capabilities giving you the opportunity to save £100’s per year*. With the charging unit's integrated cable locking feature you can ensure total protection, granting safety and convenience tethering the charger, cable, and vehicle all together securely. With a CT clamp included as standard, to enable dynamic load management and solar capabilities via the charger settings, the EVA-07S-SE and EVA-07S-SE-C is ready out of the box and perfect for any domestic electric vehicle charging. Optional ground mounts (EV-GMEVA-S-2) & optional floor stands (EV-FLRSTAND) are available to purchase.

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